Hello Ladies!

My name is Tina Ellis and I would like to welcome you to my blog.

I am a busy Mum and entrepreneur and I am excited to have just turned 50…

Feeling Fab at 50 is about Pro-Aging in a new and exciting way. For me, it’s making a conscious choice to age with positivity. Health, fitness, and wellbeing play a huge part in this scenario.

Pro-aging is about choosing to define midlife and beyond. Being satisfied with your own aging can make you adopt healthier behaviours and feel in control of how you age.

There are definite challenges at this stage of life but through our years of acquired knowledge and wisdom, it’s time to encourage and uplift each other so we can develop the strength to follow our dreams.

We live very differently from how our Mothers and Grandmothers did at our age. We definitely look and feel different and have a much younger attitude. Women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s and beyond no longer associate themselves with a life of lawnmowers and Rotary Clubs, cheese and wine parties, elastic waists, and river cruises!

My aim is to build this amazing community of fabulous formidable women who want to share, inspire and uplift each other? Feel free to join our community pages:

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It’s time to celebrate and realise that we women really can age like fine wines. Quite contrary to what the media displays, we ladies are about embracing the second half of our lives running companies, bringing up our families, running marathons, and aging positively.

Fifty is the new thirties!

We ‘middle-aged’ ladies are getting younger, healthier, and more beautiful by the day!!! Just remember the purpose of life is a life with a purpose

My family is my world.

I live in a small town in East Yorkshire, England with my Husband; we have 2 amazing teenage children.

Lauryn is 20 and just out of college she is already extremely successful in her own right, she has appeared on TV on numerous occasions, she has a very successful Instagram business, and has recently been signed up to a London talent agent and released her own song.

My Son Ethan 16 is an aspiring MMA fighter. His dedication to training 6 days a week and his healthy diet and regime show that he is also on the right track to reaching his dreams.

They inspire me to live the best version of myself. Anyone who knows me knows my family comes first before anything.

I was very career-minded up until having my children but something changed inside of me when I gave birth and I decided that I wanted to leave the corporate world behind and concentrate on what I feel is the most important job in the world, being a MUM!

Don’t get me wrong this was a major culture change for me and I can honestly say I think I actually grieved leaving my job, up until that point it had been my life and everyone I worked with was like family to me so it was a tough decision to make. However I can truly say I do not regret a single second of it, I now have the most amazing memories and feel very grateful that I was there for them every day. I was lucky enough to be there for their first steps, their first day of school, and their first everything.

I think it’s important that in this fast-paced world we live in to not lose touch with what really matters in life. You could have all the money in the world but without people around you who you truly love and want to spend time with what would be the point to it all?

My toy poodle is called Mimi.

Someone else in my life that is very important to me is my toy poodle called Mimi; she is with me every minute of every day. Anyone out there who has this unconditional love from their pet will truly get this. I love our walks first thing in the morning especially when the sun is shining. I use this time to gather my thoughts for the day.

Health = Wealth

I am a big believer that Health is Wealth, without our health we have very little and it’s the little things we do every day that helps us to live a healthy lifestyle, it really does not have to be complicated. Small things like starting the day with a nutritious breakfast, taking our daily supplements and drinking water will ensure our health and the day gets off to a great start.

In my blog, I will talk a lot about how important health is especially for us Ladies reaching the big 50 and for a vast majority of us going through menopause.

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid a few months after my son was born. To be fair up until that point I pretty much never had to worry about my weight so being told the symptoms of underactive thyroid was pretty scary especially as rumour had it that it is much more difficult to lose weight after your second child anyway!

I read up about the symptoms on google only once and being the person I am decided that I would never look at it again and I certainly would not suffer from any of them!

Call it mind over matter.

Or just sheer stubbornness I can honestly say that nearly 16 years on I have never suffered from any of the symptoms of hypothyroidism which include chronic tiredness and weight gain. I take 125mg of Thyroxine daily and live a completely normal life but I mainly put that down to the choices and daily habits I have now formed in my life.

Okay, I am aware that I maybe have to work a bit harder to keep the weight off as Hypothyroidism slows your metabolism down but I like to work out at least 3 times a week for many reasons, not only does it help to stay in great shape, but I believe one thing leads to another.

For instance, when I put the effort into working out regularly it helps encourage me to eat better, who wants to spend hours in a gym to then go home and eat pizza? Ultimately by eating better I feel better about myself so I feel better mentally. This helps with focus and clarity so work is better, which makes me happier and so it goes on!

I really do think it is the simple things in life that make a huge difference to our lives if we continually make the effort to do them every day.

My Pet Hates

My pet hates are untidiness; I do get quite grumpy when things are out of place! This is something I am trying to work on and am trying hard not to notice if someone has left pots in the sink or not made their bed!!

Another thing I will never understand is Cruelty to children, animals, or any living thing to be honest!  I have supported the NSPCC for years they do an amazing job raising money to protect and prevent abuse of children in the UK. It breaks my heart to even imagine some of the things these young people have experienced in their short lifetimes.

I also support UNICEF which supports humanitarian assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. UNICEF works in 190 countries and in the world’s toughest places to reach the children and young people in greatest need. They also help children in need in the UK.

What are my intentions?

My aim is to build this amazing community of fabulous formidable women who want to share, inspire and uplift each other? Feel free to join our community of 14,500 amazing women Feeling Fab at 50. I mean let’s be honest Ladies how nice is it to be this age? I think it’s great to be a bit older, a bit wiser but still young enough to enjoy all that life has to offer. We are at an age when the kids are becoming more independent and we get to enjoy some me-time without feeling guilty!